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Our Story

Live Your Peak Life.

How it Started

I’m driven by the exhilaration from riding the perfect mountain bike line, reaching a new summit, floating down a fresh powder run, and shredding a glassy sheet of water. In my quest for more adventure, I’ve realized that while you need a bike, skis, or wakeboard to live this lifestyle, you also need to be prepared so you can strike when the conditions are right.

Teal Triangle was created to help get you ready to live your Peak Life. It all started with our groundbreaking garage storage system, the G-System, that allows you to keep your gear organized and well maintained so you’re always ready to ride. As great as this system is, it’s only just the beginning of our product journey and I’m excited to show you all the other innovative products we’re developing.

I’m proud that Teal Triangle is independent and bootstrapped. This brand is my dream come true. It was created from my passion for adventure mixed with my expertise in design and engineering. Because I am in constant pursuit of solutions for living my best life, I’ll always strive to exceed your expectations with innovative products that allow you to spend more time living your Peak Life!

- Josh Gordon, Founder

Our Values

Creative Innovative Solutions

Every product at Teal Triangle is purpose driven to create innovative solutions. That problem solving mindset is deeply ingrained into our skilled team of product experts. We ignore convention and think differently. And because we think differently, we design differently, creating simple, easy to use solutions that push the limits. And when we push the limits we innovate and you win.

Never Settle

Good is never good enough at Teal Triangle. Our team is in constant pursuit of the best possible design and experience. We work tirelessly to constantly improve our designs, quality, and materials to always deliver greater than we have before.

Built to Last

In a world of throw away, single use products with a make to replace mentality, we’ve chosen the path less traveled by creating heritage quality products that are built to last and outperform every other product on the market.

Made for Greater

At Teal Triangle, a product is never just a product- it’s the chance to improve our customer’s lives and the world. We offer elegant solutions, targeting authentic sustainable practices with top quality materials so that you can buy better and buy less often, reducing harmful pollutants and consumer waste. Our products are made for greater so that we can leave this place better than we found it.

Our Team

The vision and dream started with me but it would be exactly that, a dream, without the incredible Team we have put together at Teal Triangle. Each member has been carefully chosen for their unique expertise and skill set to turn this vision into a reality.

We’ve always been, and always plan to be an independent company, and thanks to our finance team who keeps us bootstrapped, we can keep doing things our way, making the best products possible.

Our world-class product development team invents creative solutions, designed to elevate you to your Peak Life, before handing it over to our operations and supply chain specialists. Their efforts to manufacture our products at premiere factories around the world ensures quality products get delivered to your door, just in time for your next adventure.

And none of this would be possible without our technology team- they’re more than just the person you call when your internet isn’t working. Our developers build unique, one-of-a-kind systems to push our capabilities to the next level.

When you find yourself wondering which option would really work the best for you, our customer service team is there to help, ready to offer knowledgeable answers and deliver our signature Elevated Experience. And unlike other companies, we have in-house creative and marketing teams so that we can customize your experience to help you interact with our brand in a real and tangible way, guiding you to the Peak.

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